Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Future of International Education:, a Network of Learners - Andrea LaRocca -

Abstract: As an online learning community that connects students and teachers around the world to work on projects together, is a social network based approach to education. Through, students can access student-friendly content on global issues and then engage with these through interactive features such as quizzes, polls and activities. They can also pursue a full global experience by communicating, through chat and messaging, with students and teachers around the world. In other words, is a social network that makes international education and experiences accessible to everyone. also provides teachers with lesson plans and resources to teach a range of global issues and gives them with similar international networking opportunities. Teachers may also use to connect with other schools that they may wish to collaborate with on different projects. thus allows students and teachers to expand the scope of their education through international connections and through learning in a unique manner. With schools from 123 countries and 60,000 students from over 2,350 primary and secondary schools online, is a quickly growing educational tool for the future. It provides international access to schools and students who may be otherwise limited in their travel abilities and brings international education into the daily classroom., quite literally, puts the world at students’ and teachers’ fingertips.

Bio: Andrea LaRocca is an Assistant Programmes Coordinator at, an online learning community for students and teachers around the world. She has extensive knowledge of international education, as in addition to her work at, she has trained and taught as an English teacher in the both the US and the UK. Andrea also holds a Masters degree in English literature.

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